Workplace Safety

Abbey Road Recruitment’s Commitment to Health & Safety

Abbey Road Recruitment has a strong commitment to effective workplace safety and education. Our staff are trained on specific on-site Health & Safety practices prior to commencing an assignment to significantly reduce the risk of workplace injuries. We actively encourage feedback from both staff and clients on safety issues and encourage ideas for improvement. Abbey Road Recruitment enhances productivity, through sound OH&S Management, adding value and providing cost savings to your business.

Individual Health Management

Abbey Road Recruitment encourages all persons to have a duty of care in that they are fit for work for the duration of their work assignment. It is important for all candidates and employees to pro-actively seek information that will assist them to lead a healthier work life. We stress that where your health may require more than mere personal references and choices, that you engage a professional to offer the right advice on your relevant health improvements.

Safety Assurance

Abbey Road Recruitment believes it is essential that all persons who are involved with safety assurance in the workplace establish and maintain positive working relationships with each-other, and continually communicate safety assurance issues to each-other. This is the only way to ensure all parties are informed and responsible for current safety issues.

What Abbey Road Recruitment will do for the Partnership

  • We will always put your safety first
  • We will assess the worksite prior to your placement and ensure the clients OHSE provisions are adequate for effective safety assurance
  • We will listen and respond to your safety suggestions
  • We will treat all enquiries with a high level of professionalism with the aim of prompt resolution
  • We will work with clients to arrive at the best possible safety arrangements for candidate OHSE assurance

What we expect of Candidates in the Partnership

  • Not to perform a job in an unsafe manner
  • Not to perform a job without the necessary and sufficient safety information, before commencing the job, and if the job circumstances change
  • To immediately report any the change of your original job appointment to your Abbey Road Recruitment Consultant
  • To immediately seek advice if you are not sure what to do in the workplace

Our Clients’ Contribution for their Workplaces is to provide

  • Safe systems and tools of work
  • Safe working environment
  • Site specific induction and OHSE training
  • Communications of safety related matters to our candidates and Consultants
  • Continually isolate, minimise, eliminate and monitor workplace hazards